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Error 403 Access Forbidden

10August 2014

What's 403 Error?

Error 403 - Access Forbidden "You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server..."

Why 403 error?

The server send you Error 403, that's different between of the Error 404 - page not found; this error means the client requests the path link / address is correct but the indicate page's owner is forbidden his/her page browse to the request's client (that you) browser!

Read the content or code / instruction -

How to fix Error 403?

It would have some reasons for this error. But the main point is: Who's the page owner?! You don't have to ask the owner reason, the sound is so wired because they have right to refuse anyone but at least ask their permission to unlock the page and allow browse to your server.
If you're the page owner, that error is easy to fix it...

  1. File Permission - use the fast way because saving time!

    For Mac users: Open up the finder to find out the folder, do one click to highlight the object file. Do not double clicks that will open up the file, we are not going to open any file, so just do one click to highlight the object.

    -> click the top menu bar -> choose "file" -> select "get info"

  2. Unlock the file - change the permission status

    -> Click the little "unlock" symbol at the right bottom corner -> enter your PC password for doing any changing.

  3. User privilege - limit permission

    Who have privilege? - The owner(you), admin and everyone!

    "+" = add a new user, "-" = delete the exist user

    The level privilege - "read and write", "read only" or "no access".

    * Don't forget to lock back the file for protecting any change.

Still got Error 403?

Follow all the steps but still get Error 403!
Try to clean the "cache history", it's probably annoy you because the cache will save a temporary memory(history) on your browser page.
-> go "History", select "clean recent history", clean up the history that includes "cache".

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - Error 403 - Access Forbidden

page's owner is forbidden his/her page browse to the client's server.

Step 2 - File permission

the user privilege as owner, admin and everyone.

Step 3 - Still got error?

clean up the annoying cache history.

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