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Apache Server Error 404 Page Not Found

15July 2014

The reasons why unable access Apache server

The Apache manager panel shows 3 of servers are running: MySQL database, proFTPD and Apache Web Server. But the Apache Web Server is stopped; light turns red! Some reasons to cause this issue: 404 Error means the communication is interrupted between Server and (client's server) browser ; it would be happen because as files missing in phpMyAdmin as .ini , .conf or the connection with Apache server is broken....

Read the content or code / instruction -

How to fix the Apache server not running?

If the problem issues suddenly and seems never happens before. Beware this, you maybe did something wrong...

  1. Re-store the missing files - Everything happens in reasonable. Try to catch up the memories what you did before the error happens. Check out the Trash bin on PC, you probably dump some important files out from Apache server, it can't turn on for some pieces missing.

  2. Web Sharing - one of the typical reasons with using XAMPP (I don't have this problem again since changed to use my own apache server), before to turn on Apache server, turn off the "Web sharing".
    For Mac user: click on "System Preferences" -> choose "Sharing" -> click the unlock at left bottom for taking changes -> uncheck "Web sharing"
  3. Re-start the system - Every single time when you have done any change. Leave out the access localhost browse page(404 error page not found), and then go to your Apache manager panel, click "Restart-all" button to restart the server.

Still unable access?

  1. Clean the browser cache history.

  2. Re-install the Apache package and re-do the database user privilege.

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - Apache 404 Error Page Not Found

unable access Apacher web server.

Step 2 - The Apache Manager Panel

Apache Web Server light turns red and doesn't running...

Step 3 - Apache Server is interrupted

Turn off the Web Sharing before run the server.

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