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Solution of link Error 404 Page Not Found

31July 2014

What's Error 404?

The error 404 message: "The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again... ".

Why Error 404?

That's because when the client (that you) sends the page's request link to the server, for some reasons; the communication is breaking between of server(database) and browser, the server unable to access and get the page through the path link which the client provided. So the server only thing can do is: send you the "404 PAGE NOT FOUND" error message.

The common reasons would be: the (Apache) server is interrupted, the directory path link is broken, the page which want to visit doesn't exist or the directory path location incorrect.

Read the content or code / instruction -

Broken links turn down SEO development

The path link (URL) is incorrect as missing characters or mis-spelling...

The link URL is broken that will impact your site traffic. The users unable to get the right direction to your site but the 404 Error page instead! The main reason is about link breaking. You'd better to understand the source page directory location. Once you understand the reason of the errors, you will find out the solution.

  1. Relative URL Path

  2. Let's give some examples: now, we have a source page and want to make a link to the other page name called "Hello.php", you should make the URL as below;

    hello.php - In the same current directory
    img/hello.php - Inside the different directory of img/
    /hello.php - Directly connect to DocumentRoot directory

    However, if the source page located deep in the other folder, we need to use " notation dot" jump up the level directory...

    ./hello.php - one dot forward slash jump up current directory
    ../hello.php - two dots one forward slash jump up one level directory
    ../../hello.php - double dots forward slashes jump up two level directory

    * Notation dot only available for linking jump up but not jump down, it will cause another 404 error if you mis-understood it. Please consider the Absolute URL Path.

  3. Absolute URL Path
  4. - the specific Full URL Link

    The absolute URL path can fully and clearly indicate the link path location , that's the best way to avoid link breaking!

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - 404 Error Page Not Found

it happens after clicking link...

Step 2 - Understand Relative URL Path - One Notation dot

2 dots 1 forward slash jump up one level directory.

Step 3 - Understand Relative URL Path - Two Notation dots

double dots forward slashs jump up two level directory.

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