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Concern belkin wifi network security

23June 2014

Consider the Wi-Fi network security

After reset your new Wi-Fi network and password. The next thing you need to do is: enhance your network security protection. What's that mean? you know what, that's very easy to have someone router IP while people try to Googling, once they hit in your router setting page, but there is no password needed, it's very terrible thing because they can do any change without your permission. Consider 6 ways of network security:

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Administrator setting

Somehow at least, you have to limit the user permission as whom can use and access your network ...

  1. Set up a login password - please lock the door first! Do not leave the login password field blank again, that's to prevent the person who enter your administrator without your permission.

    At Belkin's page menu bar: Select the " System Setting" that will send you to "Utilities" page.

    That's very important part, you've to set up a new login password to access your administrator. The 1st field type is the current one. If you don't have either, leave it blank. And then type a new password, and repeat type again to make a confirm.

  2. Set a login timeout - The below setting is "Login Timeout ". From 1 minute to 99 minutes. You'd better set it as short as well because to prevent you hover the login period too long, that will logout automatically when the login session expires. And then, click "apply change".

    It takes 10 seconds to complete 2 above process. You've to enter the new login password after done the reset.

  3. Invisible your network - that would be a good idea to make your SSID nearly invisible for increasing your network security.

    At Belkin's page menu bar: Select " Channel & SSID" -> uncheck the box at "Broadcast SSID" to makes your SSID invisible on the network, and then click "apply changes". It takes 60 second to complete the changing.
    Reminder: In fact, it's increased security but not exactly to make you safe in the network for taking this action. Somehow, it's pretty complicated to get other devices as your iPhone and iPad to the invisible network especially if you were not only have one device.

  4. Limit permission whom can use your network - Check who's using your network.

    At Belkin's page menu bar:
    Select "DHCP Client List" to show you the list of the devices who connected to your network. -> Click "refresh" to see the updated details as each device has physical MAC address individually.
    Go to "Mac Address Filtering" -> check the box of "Enable Mac Address Filtering" -> enter Mac address into the filter that mean this device is allowed on the list to use the network but the others are not.
    Click "Apply Changes" to takes 5 seconds done the process.

    Note: Mac Address = Media Access Control address
    Mac Address is also known as hardware / physical address, identify an adapter on a LAN( local area network).
    MAC address has 12-digit hexadecimal numbers (48 bits in length).
    For example; A1:B2:C3:D4:E5

  5. Limit permission whom can access your administrator -

    At Belkin's page menu bar: Go back to " DHCP Client List", those devices have own Mac address and also with IP address.
    Select "System Settings" -> scroll down to the 3rd row "Remote Management", before doing this step, please make sure you've already set up your admin login password.
    -> Check the "Enable" radio button to access "Remote Management Enable"
    -> if check the box of "Any IP address can remotely manage on the router" that means to allow any device access your admin.
    -> or if choose the other "Only this IP address to manage the router" means only allow specific IP address to access the administrator.

  6. Concern password encryption - 99% was hacked because password fragile.

    You can choose the security mode to "WPA2" and the Authentication to more comprehensive one that to increase the password encryption. However, it still not guarantees you're in safe and will not be hacked. The point is: what the password you created? Try don't make too simple if you could!

    Belkin's Password - Pre-shared Key(PSK): allow using any words, phrase, letters, numbers, space and symbols between 8 and 63 characters long.

WPA - Wi-Fi Protected Access

It is a security protocol and security certification program to secure wireless computer networks.

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see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - Set up login password

Do not leave it empty again to welcome everyone getting in.

Step 2 - Set login timeout

Set the logout when the session expires.

Step 3 - Invisible SSID

Uncheck the broadcast SSID at Channel SSID

Step 4 - Limit and check out who use your network

Enable and put the Mac address into the filtering.

Step 5 - Limit user privilege to access admin

Put IP address which can remotely access the management.

Step 6 - Concern password encryption

Do not create your password too easy to memorize.

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