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PHP for Newbie: How to run 1st PHP page?

30July 2014

To understand the server before run the PHP page

Before to run the php page, you have to understand what different between of Web server and Apache server. The browser Web Http Server on the Internet that run the common language is HTML; also available the code views of CSS, JavaScript but however, PHP.
PHP has to requested to the other server that called Apache Http Server. If you wanted to run your PHP script, before that, you've to set up an apache server to your local computer.

Read the content or code / instruction -

After done the download, how to locate the localhost directory?

After done the download and installation, click "start all" on the Apache Manager Panel

to turn on the server. For Own Apache Server, it will automatically turn on. And then, put the PHP file in the following directory:

For WAMP(Windows only)

  1. Windows users - go to "My Computer" -> "Local Disk(C:)" -> "WAMP" -> "WWW"


  1. Windows users - go to "My Computer" -> "Local Disk(C:)" -> "MAMP" -> "htdocs"

  2. Mac users - go to "Finder" -> "Applications" -> "XAMPP / MAMP" -> "htdocs"

For Own Apache Server

  1. Mac users - go to "Finder" -> click top tool bar tab "Go" -> select "Go to the folder"

    -> enter " /Library/ " then click "Go" -> "WebServer" -> "Documents"

  2. Or - go to "Finder" -> click top tool bar tab "Go" -> select "Go to the folder" -> enter

    "/etc/ " then click "Go" -> "apache2" -> "users"

After put PHP file in localhost directory and type the url into browser bar:

MAMP XAMPP for OSX: http://localhost/htdocs/yourphppage.php
Own Apache for OSX: http://localhost/foldername/yourphppage.php
WAMP for Windows: C:\WAMP\WWW\yourphppage.php

Suggest the PHP tutorial for New Beginner

One of the great websites which I suggest is BuckysRoom (it used to name called before), the site makes many good video tutorials as PHP, MySql, javaScript...etc different kinds of programming languages and they're all free! So try to learn and stick around in there!

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

//test the first php script and save in .php extension file
echo '<h1>Hello World!</h1>'

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