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phpMyAdmin vs htdocs

10August 2014

Can I save the .php file into "phpMyadmin" directory instead of "htdocs"?

Certainly you may. Save the .php file into phpmyadmin directory. However, you should not do that! Why?

Read the content or code / instruction -

Which one would be better?

phpMyAdmin or htdocs...

  1. phpMyAdmin - is a web base tool folder, the package includes MySQL table management .sql files, .config and some important databases admin files.

  2. htdocs - /htdocs/, /WebServer/ or \WWW\ is a directory which set in apache localhost, available for adding files to display the new website's pages.

Pick the easy way

You need a pretty much enough space of folder directory to start your PHP program. When you check back the phpmyadmin folder, there has many important files already existed, it'll mess up the package program if you accidently or carelessly to delete any file. So, why don't use "htdoc" or "www" folder? It has pretty much space and available work for you!

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - phpMyAdmin is a web base tool folder

Package includes massive database scheme management program.

Step 2 - Save the files in a spacious directory as htdocs

It allows you make a new web project.

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