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SEO help: How to make Meta Tags more precise?

30September 2014

What's Meta tags?

Meta tag is a bunch of codes to provide some information from the websites to the clients when they put query into the search engine. Meta tags can generate the listings(snippets) and appear to the search result page under the system called SEO search engine optimization.

How it works?

Nowadays, use search engine becomes human habit. Meta Tag is the first and important step to start SEO traffic. Just like a phone book. If you made it right, the people can easily find you out in this entirely wide world.

3 main elements make Meta tags - title, description and keywords. However, for enhancing the better SEO traffic, people still effort with more relative tags with it such as location, distribution, language, review, rated...etc.

No one is the best until make it correct!

About the Hell Buddy's SEO Tool - Meta Tags Generator - to help people make their meta tags quite more correct, helpful and free!

It's no tricky, absolutely free! I want to help people who wants to enhance the SEO web development; especially working on the Meta tags because the SEO happens start from Meta tags. The tool provides friendly error message that for helping people avoid to make mistakes before paste the tags on page; and then along the instruction, submit URL and checking snippets to accomplish the SEO process. Please watch the video before start using Hell Buddy Generator.

8 common mistakes for using Meta tags

Some problems of the Meta tags, people don't really know ...

  1. Provide the page source as title, description and keywords are not match the content. Seriously, content always is the king on websites! To enhance your site traffic, beware violate SEO policy!
  2. Provide the title and description tags characters exceed the requirement that affect the snippet present on search result page.
  3. Spend too much time on keywords to attempt lever the high ranking - however, not all the search engines pay much attention on keywords such as Google; although, now Yahoo will consider the keywords but Google still not that much for it on web ranking.
  4. Provide the website page URL link is breaking - without giving the right path direction to robot index your site. e.g. never beware some unsafe characters as backslash \, %, space... that is the common reason to make error 404 happen.
  5. Lack of attached relative information about the site - e.g. author, copyright and geo location that affect the site traffic spread slow to the global if the users wanted to know more about you.
  6. Lack of communication with robot - e.g. carelessly to block the robot visit because of the mislead tags or never told robot the specific time to revisit the site again.
  7. Never notice which the main language of the site speaks even we know it's a or English / non-English website but that really affect to target the site audience.
  8. Lack of knowledge to handle garbled - never mind! That's easy to solve it. I suggest the following sites which the programmer makes a great Unicode converter tool, and some useful source before getting start.

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