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The fast way to set up new Belkin router password

24June 2014

How to set up a new network and password with using Belkin router?

It's very easy to set up a new Wi-Fi network and password with using Belkin router. Although, there has many models of Belkin but almost still on the same procedures.

Read the content or code / instruction -

Belkin Router Label

Each router has a printed label on the bottom with the unique router's information. Belkin has 3 of important info as initial SSID, password and PIN number with it, it's pretty much giving more protection to the users.
What's that mean? And why we need it?
Imagine: If someone stole your Wi-Fi network and changed your password, that means

you will no longer to login your network again. So, you need to do is reset your router; let's everything revert back to the initial status; and then make a new network and password as well.

  1. Reset Belkin router: When you turn the router back to the other side, you can see a very little red "reset" button right there; use any sharp thing as screw driver, press and hold it at least 20 seconds; and then release, wait a moment to complete the machine resetting.

    Connection: unplug all the devices as modem and router at least 30 seconds or as long as well. And then re-plug them again. Make sure they're all connect correctly as set the modem on the Internet first, and then Router connect to PC via wireless; the connection can make the DHCP server assign the TCP/IP to all the devices; you maybe plug with a cable if you've any hard connection with the wireless service.

    Connect to the initial network: Normally, after done the reset, we've to reconnect the network. All the things will revert back to the original status, search the default network that was shown on the router's label; click it, and then put the default initial password, some router Wi-Fi password are blank - empty. But some are not as Belkin, the person must choose a particular SSID and enter the default password that already printed on the router's label.

    Click "join" tab to wait the connection.

  2. About Belkin router IP address: How to find router IP address? the default IP

    address of Belkin router is: ; put it into the search bar, connect to the user login page.

  3. First time user login: first time or after reset router; the login password is "blank" empty, and then click "submit" to login.

    Reminder: User's login password does not equal to Wi-Fi password.

  4. Set up a new network: on left hand side menu bar, select " Channel and SSID".

    Enter your new network name at SSID field, and the "protection mode" better to keep it "off". And then click "Apply Changes" tab. It takes 60 seconds to complete the process.

    What's SSID? - SSID is "Service Set Identifier" which is your network name.
    Reconnect the new network - the old network is NO longer used. You need to reconnect the new network again. And still need to enter the initial default password because the password hasn't changed yet.

  5. Set up a new Wi-Fi password: The page will automatically refresh and get back to login page. Click "submit" again to login administrator. At left hand side menu bar, this time select "Security".

    Leave the security mode as the original WPA2 is good, for encrypting password set in high level, change the password at "Pre-shared Key(PSK) field. And then click "Apply Changes". It also takes another 60 seconds to complete the process.

    Password - Pre-shared Key(PSK): allow using any words, phrase, letters, numbers, space and symbols between 8 and 63 characters long.
    Reconnect the network again - the old password is NO longer used. You need to reconnect the new network again with using new password .

Consider the network security protection

We need to limit the network privilege to prevent someone access your network admin without getting your permission.

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - Each router has a unique label

it has initial SSID, password, PIN number...

Step 2 - Reset the router

press and hold the little red reset button at least 20 seconds and release it.

Step 3 - Belkin router IP address

get on the admin page to reset the router setting.

Step 4 - Network SSID

SSID = Service Set Identifier which is the network name.

Step 5 - Wi-Fi password

The password for Wi-Fi network but not equals to Admin login password.

Step 6 - Reconnect the network

Reconnent the network again for every single time of any change.

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