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How to check on the trustful certificates

10August 2014

What's that?

The valid Digital Certificates which verify local network ID and allow you access the https secure pages.

"The Https server would be suspected the client's request because some security reasons such as the client's data not match. Therefore, the error message show up when the server refuse to retrieve the client login data."

Read the content or code / instruction -

How do you know if you got the trustful certificate?

when you use the browser as IE, Firefox and Safari or the others;

if you able to login the Https secure page, the "green bar" will display at the search bar.

  1. The "Green Bar" - Some Https Security Pages will show the "Green Bar" that mean you got the trustful SSL certificate verification to allow you login between your IP located and the Https secure sites.

  2. SSL - Secure Socket Layer is an essentially protocol that provides a secure channel between 2 machines operating over the Internet.

  3. You also can check the trustful certificate status;
    For Mac users: Go to "Finder" -> "Applications" -> "Utilities" -> "Keychain Access" -> "System Roots" / "Certificates"
    Find out any "A-Trust-nQual" certificate that you already have, and with the valid "green check" signal for it.

open the content >>

see the code OR slideshow instruction

Step 1 - The green bar of login the Https secure page

Https Security Pages will show the Green Bar that mean you got the trustful SSL certificate verification

Step 2 - The valid digital certificates

A-Trust-nQual certificate that you have verified and with the valid green check signal.

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